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In 2004 year, despite its restless events, Ukrainian coffee market was calm and quiet as the morning lake. The only one, and thus, the main problem was that to find a coffee shop or a restaurant with the proper and delicious cup of espresso was almost impossible. And that is why the Golden Bar company was created.

We started our activity as an exclusive La Marzocco and Caffe Molinari dealer. Professionalism and high quality of our work let us occupy the leading positions in the premium segment of the market for over 10 years.

Since the first day of our work the staff and the leaders of a company directed their efforts to make a selection of correct integrated solutions that would give restaurateurs an opportunity to take high-quality equipment, and the proper coffee beans for a reasonable price.

Today, in 2015 we maintain and develop the traditions of qualitative service and correct decisions that we established a decade ago.

As before we provide only the best equipment, accessories, utensils, coffee and teas. The company employees are trained regularly both in Ukraine and abroad. This allows our team to have a versatile training at the superior level. The technical service remains highly professional and the availability of all the required spare details at a storehouse makes it virtually impeccable.

We know a lot, we can do a lot, we gained a lot of skills and we are glad to share this knowledge and experience with people.

Willingly and efficiently we train baristas. We understand how to make your business profitable and successful. To achieve the highest satisfaction of our customers and partners we have divided the company's activities into several areas: coffee and tea sales, equipment sales and service. Each of our departments is professional and mobile and has the appropriate human and financial resource.


To be the best company and supplier of premium products in Ukraine, to provide high-quality service, to do our best to cook the perfect cup of tea and coffee every day. To provide customers, partners and company with high profitability and its staff – with timely high salaries. To develop the market of premium beverages by all means.

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Excellent coffee, fresh and healthy food, friendly service and the most important – a passion to what we do. Aroma espresso bar sticks to these principles for more than 15 years in all the coffee shops in Israel, United States, Ukraine and in other countries.


Espresso bar

! FEST - is a chain of restaurants and creative projects with original concepts that was founded in 2007 in Lviv. Bold designs and their professional realization makes the company unique. The very first project – the restaurant

!Fest Lokal

Emotions holding

An outstanding Coffee shop in Chernovtsy.

Gusto coffee

Coffee shop, confectionery

Coffee shop-bakery ROYAL BAKERY is located in a picturesque location on the banks of the Dnipro river – on Obolon embankment. The interior is designed with natural colors and textures. Here it is quiet and comfortable at any time of the day.

Royal Bakery

Coffee shop-bakery

Masha Cake

Confectionery. In the name of Love.

KOFEiN – is first of all coffee. And this coffee is delicious. Delicious - because it is fresh, cooked by an expert and well served. A true coffee.


Gastranomic Association

In LONDON we love coffee. And we can cook freshly roasted coffee beans of the highest quality in 101 way!


Coffee house

An elegant cafe that combines homely coziness, democracy and respect.


Coffee shop with reading room

A chain of coffee shops in Lviv and Kyiv.


Cafeteria, that gives freedom!

La Veranda – is a point of view. It is a philosophy of hospitality.

La Veranda

Restaorant & Bar

It is a large and bright restaurant with summer and winter terrace, veranda, mini-bakery and a children's playground, directly in the middle of our small botanical garden... On April 21 in 2013 we opened the doors to the first part of our house, where we can already welcome our guests.

An exquisite cafe "Tarelka"


A WINETIME chain was founded in 2010 within ASNOVA Holding by a group of business partners, united by a passion for wine and confidence in the the national market potential.


Gastro & Wine Market

A restaurant with an exquisite cuisine.




One of the best restaurants in Lviv.

Fragrant coffee, hundreds of books on art and cozy homey comfort.

One love coffee

Espresso Bar.

Parovoz Speak Easy


Under Wonder – is an Italian restaurant, which is located in the center of Kiev. A great place for breakfasts, business meetings, meetings with friends and after-parties.

Under Wonder


French fashion house specializing in the manufacturing of suitcases and handbags, clothing and accessories of

Louis Vuitton Ukraine

Fashion house

VINSANTO – is a classic European wine bar. Positive and relaxed atmosphere, comfortable and cozy interior, attentive service, and what is the most important – the wine list, which contains only the best sorts of wine in the world of wine houses.


Wine Bar

Ukrainian chain.



A worldwide chain of fast-food restaurants.

KFC Ukraine


French pastries from the


French bakery-pastry-shop


Tavria B

A chain of supermarkets

A wine bureau. As an importer and distributor of wine and alcoholic beverages was founded in December 2006. A year later (in December 2007) Good Wine -  the first and the largest wine supermarket in Ukraine and Europe was opened.

Good Wine

First hand wine

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+38 044-239-1764

Kikvidze 44, Kiev, 01011, Ukraine